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There are four theatricals in the repertoire of theater: «Moscow is Gold-domed», enchanting «Spectacle of stars», «Mystery 007», «Ah, Odessa».

«Moscow is Gold-domed» is the Russian revue the used for setting fire fiery Russian dances alternate in which, with lyric choreographic compositions in suits, quite shocking on the beauty, sewn together the best masters of city of Moscow in workshops of the Large theater. An enormous samovar appears during presentation, the Russian sledges drive out with a bear, the Russian beautiful women lead round dance with singing, dancers in the rhythms of fervent Russian dance play on spoons. This show is conducted by the unforgettable impression, especially on foreign guests.

In a theatrical enchanting «Spectacle of stars» you are dipped in the atmosphere of unforgettable holiday on parisian streets. It is a traditional cancan and French quadrille with tiny accordions. you present itself in Monaco, participating in Formula-1 together with girls in checked uniforme. Elegant dancers are in pheasant feathers which in Russia while are not present, and nobody showed, help to be dipped in dolce vita of stars of show and circus. An audience is struck it by an art acrobats, jugglers and conjurers.

«Mystery 007» is a large illyuzionnoe show with participation the laureate of bonus of circus in Monte Carlo, world star - Anatolia Nemetova, which carries a spectator in the world of magic in a spirit Devida Kopperfilda. Here «saw» people, reach from from nowhere little krol'chat, demonstrate wonders of levitation. And all of this on a background the real Brazilian carnival and stages from medieval Chinese life.

Theatrical «Ah, Odessa» a chanson is self-possessed in style on reasons of songs of Leonid Utesova, Claudia Shul'zhenko, Peter Leschenko.

You can present itself in a carriage, harnessed white horse, riding on streets Odessa, in noisy round dance with singing of gipsies, in a scow, swinging on the waves of the Black sea.

In the program take part:

President of Association of magicians of Russia, Honoured artist of Russia Vladimir Rudnev;

Unique fencing duet of brothers of twins of «Breter»;

Foreign guest, star of musical of «Chicago», « We Will Rock you » Viktoriya of P'er-mari;

Laureate of jazz festivals Oksana Mikhaylovskaya;

A laureate of bonus is the «Gold clown» in Monte Carlo Andrey Serov.

Laureate of national bonus of circus Andrey Katkov.

An evening is conducted in the theater of variety «Show» under the management of George Cherenkova does not have analogues in Moscow and comparable only with the best parisian variety shows.

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