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About a theater

A theater of variety «Show» is an enchanting show from luxurious parad-alle in ostrich-plumes to the stunning cancan, the high-professional artists of ballet, masters of calisthenics, participate in which, balet-topless, the best artists of original genre, conjurers, numbers of different styles.

It is a particle of Paris in Moscow, unforgettable atmosphere, soaring above this great, French city. Breathe in the aroma of merriment and gladness, not abandoning our the capital

A theater of variety «Show» is the on principle new phenomenon in Moscow life. A program choreography is self-possessed in the best traditions of the American and French revues. The variety of genres in combination with the refined beauty and expression of performers creates feeling of unforgettable holiday is all of a variety show.

The theater of variety «Show» was created in 1987 g . By George by Handle. He was the first, who created an indeed musical theater at dinner-wagons, and theater not only on the name but also in fact. In theatricals there is dramaturgy, image, that distinguishes this theater from a traditional variety show. Above theatricals artistically-raising workshops, masters, work on sewing of suits. There is a purchase department, which supplies with from abroad different accessories, strasses of Svarovski, fabrics for suits. Theater of variety «Show» - it one of the dearest genres of art. All of it glitters, overflows, agitates and beckons.

In practice sew on there is organization and leadthrough of any measures activity beginning from festivals and holidays, presentations, corporate anniversaries. A theater is in a position to present any zvukousilitel'noe and light equipment, including pyrotechnic shows and feerverki.

The Moscow theater of variety «Show» conducts active tour activity on a country and abroad. Participates in gala-concerts with the leading artists of Russia.

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